Glitter Density feature at DMMC:

Glitter Density consists of Des Moines natives and lifelong pals, Catherine Lewin and Louise Bequeaith, both of whom attend Theodore Roosevelt High School. Though they hail from musical families and had been playing together since 2011, it wasn’t until early last year that they began playing around Des Moines.

Both ends of the band’s musical scope are represented by two of their pop gems, “Slushy” and “Lover Boy.” The first, “Slushy,” is a light-hearted bubblegum pop tune about old friends and long road trips and flavored syrupy ice water and the simple, pointless, indispensable experiences that make life worth living. Meanwhile, “Lover Boy” is not so simple, coming across like a crunchy punk rock tune about spurned beaus, half-hearted affirmations, and the crushing weight of misguided expectations.

Together, these two songs paint a picture of youth that is earnest without being naive, wistful without being innocent, curious without being unenlightened. Glitter Density reminds the listener of the urgency of youth, the imperviousness to reason that accompanies young love, and the fierce resistance to indifference of starry-eyed teenagers.

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